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Would You Buy A Used Domain From Drew Noyes?

Domain speculation is a fine thing; invest 5 or 10 dollars a year in hopes that the value of your domain will skyrocket and you can cash out with a nice profit. Of course there are many things that can poison a domain, especially if it was formerly owned by unsavory persons engaged in problematic practices. There are a lot of factors involved in determining the value of a domain. This post is one of them; the internet never forgets.

Fear not, each of these links below takes you not to a server owned by Drew Noyes but to a respected third-party domain information service called DomainTools. This space wouldn’t send you to a server that wasn’t the most reassuring… most Drummonded… never mind.

This first group of Drew Noyes domains at least pretends to have something to do with his day-to-day life in Pattaya. Or at least the life he pretends to have in Pattaya.


But here Drew Noyes begins to lose a bit of contact with reality. If the allegations are true and should a certain type of shenanigans be tried on with the wrong Russian… Of course the fact that half of them are spelled wrong in Cyrillic could make an aggressor laugh too hard to do any harm. (Note to Drew Noyes: wikipedia.org will help you with your homework.)

(Паттайятаиланд.com or Pattaya Thailand)
(Паттайятайланд.com or Pattaya Thailand)
(Русскаяпаттайятаиланд.com or Russian Pattaya Thailand)
(Русскаяпаттайятайланд.com or Russian Pattaya Thailand)

And not neglecting our friends in northern Asia who probably wish to be mostly reassured, mostly…

(리케이션.net Korean for Application)
(企业应用.net Chinese for Enterprise Applications)
(タイ王国パッタヤー.com Japanese for Pattaya Thailand)
(コンピュータアプリケーション.com Japanese for Computer Applications)

Then — in for a penny, in for a pound — why not go ahead and name-squat the domain for the political party that can only get itself elected in Chonburi because (and we will stop there and just invite you to click this link for the Phalang Chon Party on Wikipedia then look at the names and do your homework. It will help to know this, too).

(Note to Drew Noyes: There are people who buy and sell small-time operators a hundred times a day… They don’t ask; they take. They don’t warn; they act.)

(พรรคพลังชล.com Thai for Phalang Chon Party)

And finally, because Thailand is a place where you reinvent yourself (and doesn’t a bolus of dung reinvent itself as soil in a manner of speaking?)


If you, dear reader, find more domains that belong to the most-Drummonded American to ever talk himself up in Thailand, please drop them into the comments section.

Edit: 21 April 2012 – It seems Andrew Drummond was “sucked” into the Drew Noyes domain zeitgeist at about the same time.

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